Study Away

Developing a global perspective is key to a Luther education, and while it’s part of daily life at Luther, what better way to learn to think globally than through off-campus study? More than two-thirds of Luther students participate in study-away programs, broadening their worldview and gaining firsthand experience with global issues and ideas.

Find the Right Fit for You

As a Luther student, you can choose among dozens of programs, and you can study away for an academic year, a semester, a J-term, a summer, or a combination. Some students use study-away programs to explore new interests, while other students, such as many language majors or international studies majors, study internationally to fulfill program requirements.

Experience Global Learning

Regardless of the reason, studying off-campus will help you gain a better respect for diversity, increase your cross-cultural communication skills, examine your personal values, and develop greater self-confidence.

J-Term Course Blogs

Feature- Virgin Islands

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