First-Year Seminars and Experiences

Your first year of learning at Luther will engage you in the cross-disciplinary approach of the liberal arts and the spirit of deep inquiry and collaboration of a college-level education.


Paideia is a campus-wide program in which students and faculty read, think, discuss, and write about the questions and choices that matter. It includes a three-course series (two first-year courses and one course for juniors and seniors) taught by faculty from every academic division. Through these courses and related performances, events, and lecture series, you will study works from across disciplines in order to learn to draw on a range of perspectives for your answers and develop a rich social, political, and inner life.

First-Year Seminars

Taking place over Luther’s January Term, when campus is quieter, First-Year Seminars give you a chance to think, reflect, explore, make connections, and focus on one academic subject in depth. This intense focus, and the chance to collaborate with your peers and develop communication skills, allows you to experience the deep seeking and discovery associated with college-level learning.

Scholars Program

Luther’s Scholars program offers a dynamic series of courses that build on the Paideia program and explore classic questions and texts using a multidisciplinary approach. All students are eligible to apply to participate, and you may enroll in just one course or complete a full series of seminars, colloquia, and research to earn a certificate of Scholars Distinction at graduation.

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Paideia: A Signature Program

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Paideia is an interdisciplinary course series that strengthens community through shared academic experience.

How do these relate?
How do these relate?

Forrest Stewart '19 reflects on his first-year seminar course Imagining Religion with the Beatles.