Scholarships and Awards

Luther believes that the gifts and talents each student brings to our campus are what makes this such a special place. Because we value what our students contribute to the campus community, we offer a variety of scholarships and awards based on demonstrated academic excellence, musical talent, and other criteria. These scholarships and awards are designated for incoming students. Luther College will not retroactively grant scholarships and awards designated for incoming students once the student has begun attendance at the college.

Merit-Based Scholarships and Awards

All academic scholarships and awards are based on the student’s cumulative grade point average, a personal essay, and an educator’s reference. Standardized test scores are not required for scholarship eligibility, but will be considered if submitted. There is no separate application for these awards. Scholarships are awarded automatically to eligible students upon admission. The total amount of Luther College scholarships offered to a student are capped at the cost of tuition.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships range from $15,000 - $28,000 per year ($60,000 - $112,000 total), and are renewable each of the student's four years at Luther College.

Music Scholarships

Visit the Music Scholarships page to learn more about Luther's generous music-related scholarships.

Theatre and Dance Scholarships

Visit the Theatre Scholarships and Dance Scholarships pages to learn more about Luther's new theatre and dance scholarships.

Other Scholarships and Awards

$4,000 over four years ($1,000 per year).

Selection Criteria:
Offered to students who have been referred by an alumnus/a through the Student Referral Form, as part of the Alumni Ambassador Program.

None. Scholarship is awarded automatically to eligible students upon admission.

Nomination Deadline:
In order to be eligible, the alumnus/a must complete the Student Referral Form by December 1 of the student’s senior year.

Renewable up to eight semesters, based on full-time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress. 

A student may only earn one Alumni Referral Scholarship, regardless of the number of alumni that have completed a Student Referral Form for that student. Also, parents may not refer their children; the Luther Legacy Award is designated for this purpose.

$12,000 over four years ($3,000 per year).

Selection Criteria:
Awards are granted to selected students from distinctive and broadly diverse backgrounds based on their potential to enrich the educational environment on campus and make positive contributions to the larger world.

None. Scholarship is awarded automatically to eligible students upon admission.

Renewable up to 8 semesters, based on full-time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress.

Up to $1,000 yearly match per student from Luther College for congregational support.

Selection Criteria:
Matching grants are given to students whose home congregation financially supports their Luther education.

A representative of the student's home congregation must submit the EPIC Contribution Form (PDF).

Renewable up to 8 semesters; based on full-time enrollment and continuing participation of home congregation.

Notification of awards—and the funds themselves—must come directly from the church to Luther for students to receive the match. EPIC is a program for congregations to support students attending Luther. Congregations may be affiliated with any denomination. EPIC is not intended as a means of diverting family tuition payments through congregations in order to receive personal tax benefit.  This is a violation of tax law that can jeopardize non-profit status for both Luther and the church.

A Free Tuition Opportunity for Qualified Incoming Students
A quality higher education can, and should, be accessible for all students regardless of their financial circumstance. That’s why the Iowa Impact Award was created: to foster an opportunity for high-achieving Iowa students to pursue their academic goals at Luther College.

Requirements to qualify for this award include:

  • A high school GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Family adjusted gross income of $70,000 or less
  • Typical amount of reportable assets for a family with a $70,000 adjusted gross income
  • Iowa resident as defined by the Iowa College Student Aid Commission
  • Must reside on campus for each year the award is received
  • Be an incoming student first-time or transfer student for fall 2022

In order to be considered for the Iowa Impact Award, you must submit your Luther Application and FAFSA by April 4, 2022
No special scholarship application is needed. If your application is accepted and you qualify for the Iowa Impact Award, Luther will ensure your gift assistance equals the cost of tuition.

These questions are meant to provide general financial guidance regarding this program. Please feel free to reach out to your admissions counselor or the Office of Financial Aid ( for more information about your specific financial situation.

What if my family’s adjusted gross income becomes higher than $70,000 after my first year of enrollment at Luther?
We will allow for a three percent rise in adjusted gross income annually moving forward. If a family’s income increases 3% above 70k, we will award financial assistance to the student based on what they would have qualified for as an incoming student who did not qualify for the Iowa Impact Award. For students entering in the fall of 2022, the family AGI used will be drawn from the 2020 federal tax return, as required on the 2022-23 FAFSA

When and how will my GPA be calculated for the purposes of qualifying for the IIA?
At the time of application, the student’s cumulative GPA should be 3.5

If I am a transfer student, how will my GPA be calculated?
If a student has 3.5 transfer GPA, (24hrs of transferable credit, then we examine their college GPA. If it’s below 24hrs of credit, then we examine their HS GPA)

Is there a limit to the number of the Iowa Impact Awards that Luther will offer?
There is no cap on the number of awards we will offer to Iowa students.

What financial resources are available to assist with room and board?
Students will have the ability to utilize outside scholarships (providing that they aren’t specific to tuition), earnings from student employment, and student or parent loans to help cover the costs associated with room, board, and required fees.

How will the IIA be described on my financial aid offer?
The IIA is not a specific award on an aid offer. It is simply a guarantee that your gift assistance from institutional, state, and federal sources covers the cost of full-time tuition.

Do I need to maintain a specific GPA or be enrolled for a specific number of credits to maintain the award?
Students need to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to receive any of their financial aid. Additionally, students need to maintain full-time enrollment each semester (12 credits minimum) to qualify for the Iowa Impact Award.

Does the Iowa Impact Award cover Summer Tuition or Tuition Overload charges assessed during the academic year?
No, this program only covers the published, full-time tuition rate for fall and spring semesters. For reference, that amount is $46,130 for the 2021-22 academic year. (Be sure to update the content on the site around the tuition numbers as they increase)

If I qualify for the Iowa Impact Award and I’m eligible for a tuition benefit or exchange program because I have a parent working at another college, how does that work?
The tuition benefit is considered first with Luther making up the difference in institutional, state, and federal funds.

Will I still qualify for the IIA if I am unable to finish my academic program in 4 years (8 semesters)?
No. Any students who take longer than 4 years will receive standard financial aid offers based on their demonstrated need.

What is an atypical amount of assets for a family with an AGI of $70,000?
The FAFSA already excludes many assets from its calculation including the home you live in, retirement funds and a small business or family farm. An atypical amount of assets to appear on the FAFSA for a family with a $70,000 AGI would be those in excess of $75,000.

$5,000 fellowship which may be used anytime during the junior or senior year. The fellowship includes few restrictions; in keeping with the spirit of the program, students have great latitude in using the funds to pursue their own passions. Imagine Fellowships must be used to pursue an extended learning experience beyond campus; therefore, cannot be used to offset normal tuition and fee charges on campus.

lmagine Fellows must maintain a 3.0 Luther GPA and remain enrolled as full-time students.

Selection Criteria:
Selection is based on an assessment of each student's potential promise as a student and a scholar, his or her capacity and passion to engage in creative and self-directed learning, and the student's ability to translate learning into service to others.

Potential lmagine Fellows are recommended by the admissions staff based on the strength of the admissions file and conversations throughout the admissions process. A Luther College committee consisting of the vice president for enrollment and faculty members will make the final selections. Candidates who are chosen as finalists will be invited to interview.

Applicants are asked to write a 500-word essay and provide a one-page resume as part of the application process.

This is a non-renewable fellowship.

$4,000 over four years ($1,000 per year).

Selection Criteria:
Awards are given to the dependent children of Luther College graduates.

Complete a Luther application for admission.

Renewable up to 8 semesters; based on full-time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress.

$4,000 to $8,000 over four years ($1,000 to $2,000 a year).

Selection Criteria:
Awards are given to students who are finalists in the National Merit Scholarship program.

Renewable up to 8 semesters of full-time enrollment.

National Merit Scholarships are granted in addition to other academic awards and scholarships for which students may qualify.

In addition to the scholarships and awards above that are awarded by the Office of Admissions, there are several scholarships administered by various departments at Luther College for first-year students as well as current students.

Scholarships from Outside Sources

In addition to Luther scholarships, you can apply to numerous scholarships from outside sources.

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